economic & social impact

Profits & Purpose

The ZERO Model is based on profiting for a purpose.  As a business incubator, the model creates a framework to launch innovative start-ups into the marketplace.  As a second chance employer, the model gives formerly incarcerated people a "hand up" - not a "hand out."  The ZERO Model is based on the premise that skill, talent, and innovation are not attributes that are exclusive and reserved for certain groups of people.  ZERO Model incubators pride themselves on inclusivity; their efforts positively impact economic and social environments.  


By the Numbers

The ZERO Model framework has created opportunities for 150 employees, thirteen companies, and fourteen entrepreneurs.  Providing an opportunity and living-wage to staff members has allowed us to make a significant impact on recidivism (the tendency to re-offend).  Recidivism among staff members is very low (2.35 percent) compared to national data (76.6 percent).  

In 2016, ZERO Model PGH's  efforts in second-chance employment saved the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania $371, 875 by providing a living-wage that laid a foundation for increased social and economic stability.  Comparable savings are anticipated in the Washington DC metro area with the launch of ZERO Model NoVa in Northern Virginia.  


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